We recommend downloading the ticket at home, before going to the venue, in order to expedite access and avoid queues at the venue.

Download your tickets by accessing your Resident Advisor account with your username and password, in the section: My tickets.

We recommend you avoid printing it on paper so we contribute and help the environment. You can download your ticket in a PDF or in the Resident Advisor app, it is important to have it ready to show before reaching the end of the queue, this way you will facilitate the task for the access staff.

Sim, à entrada do recinto deverás poder comprovar, a pedido do pessoal de segurança, que és maior de idade; já sabes que o Brunch é para maiores de 18 anos, por isso recomendamos que leves sempre contigo o teu documento de identificação.

It is not allowed to leave the premises and re-enter. If you do, you will have to pay your ticket again, as long as they are not sold out.

We would love to, but animals are not allowed.

You can access the venue with the food you want. As for the drink, you can access with a bottle of water of less than half a liter, in a plastic bottle and without a cap.

VERY IMPORTANT: Alcoholic beverages and metal or glass containers are not allowed.

We do not have a cloakroom, but there will be a locker to leave small objects such as motorcycle helmets. (Not clothing)

*After two months all the objects left in consignment and that have not been claimed will be donated to different associations with which we collaborate. Same with lost items.


It is strictly forbidden to enter the premises with illegal substances.

Brunch -In is a NO DRUG FRIENDLY party.

All attendees must go through a strict control where a search will be carried out and bags, backpacks, purses and fanny packs will be checked.

Anyone caught carrying or consuming any type of illegal substance will be expelled from the event.

Take care and take care of your friends!

Come to the access area and the STAFF will take your personal data.

For future events, we will inform you.

We recommend that you purchase your ticket in advance. Tickets will only be sold at the box office on days that are not sold out in advance.

No se permitirá la entrada con cámaras fotográficas profesionales (réflex) ni cámaras de vídeo. Con la excepción de aquellos casos que estén expresamente autorizados por la organización. 

If you have any questions regarding the Brunch, please contact us: lisboa@brunchelectronik.com

The right to admission is reserved by the organization.