Hailing from Paris, Dario Brkic aka AIROD is perhaps one of the finest incarnations of what the French techno scene can bring to the table when it comes to turning any cold-walled warehouse into a proper coal-fired furnace. Since he broke through on an international level in 2018 with his debut solo 12″ on Molekül, drawing instant support from the likes of Dasha Rush, Blawan, Randomer, Kobosil, to name but a few, AIROD’s kept forging his own strain of techno, both dark and muscular, blustery and tirelessly corrosive. A shared bill with French techno ace Amelie Lens at REX Club would soon seal Dario’s fate, prompting Lens to get him on board her highly reputed Exhale parties across the Globe, of which he’s since become a mainstay.

Amelie Lens

One would be hard pressed to find another artist whose meteoric rise parallels that of Belgium’s most exciting new export, Amelie Lens. She has, in a little more than a year, soared from relative anonymity to one of todays most in-demand DJ/Producers the world over. Lens’ rise to the top may seem to have happened in the blink of an eye, but her work ethic, composure at the controls, crowd engagement and an incredible prowess in the studio have proven to be the perfect ingredients for her swift ascent. As if it wasn’t apparent after all this, Amelie is just getting going and there seems to be no decrease in her pursuit of world wide dance floor domination.


Amulador is a moving entity. Always circumspect, he activates the mechanism and dives into the unknown. Away from the hype and from the enlightened figure that is associated to DJs, he rather focus the spotlight into the columns, delivering risky and nonconformist music, capturing the most abstract and pulsating edges of today’s electronic music. He combines high-speed trips with different perspectives, that can be melodic and subtle or rhythmic and scathing. Deviant walks through peculiar landscapes are marked with mirages of expectation, opening doors to cinematic fantasy. Amulador makes his name through the quiet shadows, initiating a musical continuum without precedent. He may be a rare appearance, but always a strong one.


After living in New York and in Madrid, he returned to Portugal, where he is already a producer of reference and where he invests in internationalizing the music that does here. We can say that he defends deep sounds, deep tech sonorities with experimental melodies. We can say that this translates into a strong musical personality that reveals itself without equal when Francisco Cardia is in the both. We could say that and much more, but it’s best to come and listen for yourself… Because you’ll surely hear about him.


“I love the darkness you find in electronic music,” explains de Witte, “especially within Techno.
Today de Witte can include parties and festivals in the US, South Africa and all across Europe on her CV. Still her heart remains tied to the both the underground Techno scene and Belgium. Having moved into production de Witte has wasted no time in establishing herself as a serious talent in the studio as well as behind the decks. But whilst a Raving George DJ set is guaranteed to get you moving, Charlotte’s own music has provided her with a chance to reveal another side, an opportunity to dial down the BPMs and up the atmosphere.


As one of the most iconic artists of her generation in electronic music to date, Ellen Allien embodies the core ethos of techno: a visionary who looks to the future for inspiration, carving out her own niche and presiding over an empire that has imbued the world of techno and dance music with her unique DNA. A constant source of new ideas, energy and inspiration Ellen Allien is an artist whose comprehensive knowledge and intuitive approach to music is part of her genetic makeup. Her future-facing sound takes subtle influence from the blueprint created by the pioneers of techno, while painting a vivid, prophetic image of where we’re going


Farrago surfaces as a new name on the Belgian techno scene, albeit with a familiar face. In 2013, Sam Deilaert formerly known as Talbot Wood was picked up by Other Heights and Curle Recordings, under who’s flag he played multiple showcases and live shows across Europe. The name change justifies by the meaning of the word Farrago, literally meaning ‘a perplexing mixture’, is the alignment and legacy of his earlier work merged with new ideas and recent development. Arpeggiated melodies reverberating endlessly to the point where they are deemed tangible driven by the resonating sound of a classic 4/4 kick drum. It’s the perfect marriage between body and soul.


Easily moving through House, Techno, Rave, Ambient&Breakbeat, one can only wonder what they will release next. The only thing guaranteed: It will always move a dancefloor. Clubs of this world are familiar with FJAAK. They’ve taken their pulverizing live show across the whole world and played in every club worth mentioning. Spandau20,their new project,
aims to bring the community around them to the big stages that are already familiar with FJAAK. 2020 is set to be the year of Spandau20!

Francisca Urbano

Francisca Urbano, apaixonada pela música de dança na sua vertente mais eletrónica, foi na LX Music Academy que deu os primeiros passos. Tendo já passado por vários clubes do país e tocado ao lado de artistas conceituados, a sua versatilidade permite-lhe adaptar-se à hora, pista ou local em causa – sempre para fazer dançar.


As a DJ and Producer Frank Maurel is one of the most notable artists in his country. Founder of Unless Records, he has played an active and important role in the cultural growth of dance music in Portugal, winning the MMC 2010 Career Award. At the age of 15, he started the DJ course at Club Europa, and at the age of 20 he became a resident DJ in the best club of the 90’s, Rock’s. He quickly became one of the most respected Portuguese Djs.


Within the broad landscape of Portuguese electronic music, Gustavo’s name is completely unavoidable. He is one of the country’s most respected DJ’s and is responsible for revitalising Oporto’s burgeoning club scene, booking the biggest and most interesting acts for Maré Alta, Indústria and Gare. Over the past ten years he has also been one of the major players behind the Neopop Festival. He is one half of the powerful DJ duo Freshkitos, whose regular presence at some of Europe’s biggest clubs, festivals and events have made them a household name. His solo DJ sets span a wide variety of cutting edge techno and house music and his deep knowledge of dance floor dynamics allow him to enrapture any crowd from intimate, sweaty clubs to huge festival audiences, taking them on a journey to the farthest reaches of the unknown.


Quickly rising to the top of the very saturated and competitive NYC club circuit, it is Jean Pierre’s productions that have clearly set him apart from his peers. With his productions regularly finding their way into the playlist of dance music’s finest, Jean’s releases have received support from industry leaders such as Marco Carola, The Martinez Brothers, Loco Dice, Jamie Jones, Victor Calderone, Luciano, Steve Lawler amongst countless others. While currently holding a post at the world-renowned Brooklyn based record store, Halcyon, Jean has risen to become one of the more distinguished selectors of his generation.


Deeply inhabited by science-fiction, DJ, producer and artist Jeff Mills adopts its ideas, concepts, stories and esthetics from the outset. For him, Space is an obsession and his music almost becomes a musical science-fiction. Conquering space, his music embodies the future while both respecting the past and remaining well into the present. From the beginning, his first releases explore futuristic and science fiction topics such as “Mutant theory,” “Tomorrow,” “Art / UFO”, “Time Machine” and “Alpha Centauri”. For Jeff Mills, the future is a powerful creative drive which explains the artist’s ceaseless activity.


After more than a decade spent building an enviable reputation for herself in the clubs of Paris, Jennifer Cardinihas become an international concern. Her infectious charisma and versatility behind the decks has led toinvitations to play at such famed nightspots as Panorama Bar, Nitsa, and Fabric, and with her creative platformand label Correspondant very much on the ascent, her standing as a tastemaker is as prominent as ever.


Johan’s real name is João. João was born in Setúbal in 1982. In the end of the 90’s a whole new generation was starting to form, feeling and experiencing beats techno-flavoured, as well as industrial, hardcore and punk influenced ones from bands like Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Underworld and so on – João is deeply influenced by all this atmosphere and is touched by the work of Plaid, Leftfield and Orbital. He then starts a daily playlist which opened the way for Johan to be born years later. From that playlist, other sounds and mixtures and endless nights in clubs are gathered, creating the necessary confidence boost and musical background for Johan to be born. Binary electronic music, shaped and modeled like a secondary skin. Rhythms with redundancies and syncopes almost at the same time.


Though Capriati has amassed an extensive and accomplished discography, there is no doubt he is a DJ first and producer second. First manning the decks at just 11 years old, Capriati was a natural and soon began his journey into the footsteps of Naples techno pioneers like Marco Carola and Rino Cerrone. He learnt his craft whilst absorbing the influences of early House pioneers like Masters at Work, Todd Terry, David Morales, Danny Tenaglia, Francois K and Tedd Patterson, then first releasing his own productions (including the classic “C’est La Vie’) on local labels Globox Records and Analytic Trail. By 2007, he was playing his first high profile gig to thousands of adoring, hometown fans and just one year later for Awakenings


Kokeshi is one of Heartbreakerz’s halves and part of Flow Records. Jams, hip-swinging, head-banging are the tricks she knows by heart with multiple selections that go from deep to prog in the techno universe. She began in 2002 and premiered in the booth of the iconic Paradise Garage in Lisbon, the following year she went from the most intimate booths of the country, to the big stages, the partnerships and the international posters. From the London underground to the eclectic Norwegian public, from the Parisian refined to the rebellious of Ibiza Kokeshi is conquering the dance floors.


Loïc Le Joliff started his DJ career in 2007 under the moniker Elio Krass. Shortly afterwards, he launched the Microzoo label alongside Canadian DJ and producer Nathan Burns. Beyond his artistic endeavours, le Joliff is a co-founder of Brunch -In as well as the festival’s global programmer.


Ranking as one of today’s most influential world traveling DJs and Performers, Luciano has always been at the forefront of electronic music. From his appearance at Santiago’s Love Parade and his way back to Europe at the age of 21, he has brought his charming unique unique blend of Techno and passionate Latin grooves to crowds all over the planet, taking the stage at all the most renowned clubs in Ibiza, Berlin, Peru, Tokyo, London, Frankfurt, New York, Miami, Sao Paulo and all points in between


Located deep within the circuitry of a mechanical alien host known as Maetrik you will find a complex web of synaptic dispersements resembling what could be called a soul. And this soul which drives it’s host and manipulates it’s every move is finally beginning to emerge. Its name is Maceo Plex. The emergence of such an entity has been the result of a need for feeling, a needfor interplanetary funk. We as humans consider this need a feeling, a feeling rooted in emotion, and emotion being the very basis of humanity. Maceo Plex is on a quest to fulfill his need to inject feeling and funk into the world, and he’s already proving to be quite productive. With deep and funky works of audible engineering for the label Crosstown Rebels in the form of a full length album titled “Life Index”, a night with Maceo Plex will be one of galactic proportions


Man born near the sea, therefore cut to subsist, Magazino is present since the bing bang of electronic dance music of the 90s. Accompanied to the rhythm of the four by four built career based on a solid musical knowledge, reinforced by his production and edit work. As an absolute result, he mobilizes public with him and behind is collective and label bloop recordings. Wise and watching closely the evolution of the times, he’s safe harbor for those who dance and an unshakable reference to his peers.


Marco Carola is a global ambassador of techno. From Napoli in the south of Italy, Marco was instrumental in the development of the electronic scene in the early90s, he took the flourishing techno Napolitano scene to the rest of the world.
Over twenty years later and Marco is still one of the most respected artists amongst the techno scene, widely regarded as one of the key factors in driving the genre towards worldwide recognition within electronic music.


Moscow based dj, promoter and founder of community and label System 108 Eugene Mashkov is a notable enthusiast of Russian club industry and electronic music scene.
At the begining of 2010s Mashkov became a resident of famous Moscow club Vanilla Ninja and after its closing made showcases of the club community. Quickly he got a status of a welcome guest in line ups of Gipsy club, Propaganda and other popular clubs in Moscow.

Nina Kraviz

Nina Kraviz, é uma das artistas mais importantes da cena eletrónica mundial. A cantora, produtora, compositora e DJ de origem siberiana é conhecida pela sua pesquisa apaixonada por discos e pelo seu extraordinário gosto pela música eletrónica idiossincrática. Ela conecta-se profundamente com seu público, com reviravoltas imprevisíveis.


Luís Batista is well-known as Nox since the beginning of his foray in electronicmusic, dating to nearly 2 decades. Setting a remarkably strong, intense, andevolutionary path, Nox’s musical line combines a number of influences, trendsanddifferent fringes.His journey through music is characterised by a highly individual and personalstamp of its own, whether in his technical approach, whether in his emotionalrelationship with music that is transferred to hismain workplace, the dancefloor.In late 2000, Nox became a freelancer, and in 2011 he began the project onceknown for FuseLx.
Productions that led him to remix artists such as DJ Vibe, Oscar L, PhunkInvestigation and releasing music on labels like Magna Recordings, Kaos andmost recently, fresh04 recordings, can beadded to this fruitful journey.


Patrice Bäumel is an internationally renowned Dj and producer currently living in Amsterdam. 2017 was Patrice’s most successful year yet, the culmination of many years travelling the road, a positive change in lifestyle, lots more hard work, fun, and spreading the love. From being invited by Radio 1 to contribute to the esteemed Essential Mix series, to his Afterlife released single ‘Glutes’ being voted one of the biggest tracks of the year, 2017 was a year to remember for Patrice, and a sign of things to come.


Penelope is a passionate traveller and digger, always with a thirst for new horizons to fuel her creativity. Born and bred in Paris, her sound is a unique expression of her broad sonic tastes that range from house, techno, minimal, breakbeat, ambient and all electronic experimentation. She began collecting records after moving to New York in 2009, where she took her first steps in the local rave scene. In 2013 she finally bought her first turntables and has since then continued to refine her taste around the deep and dub-influenced sound she loves. After living a few years in Berlin, she is now based in Lisbon where she quickly became the resident of a monthly new party CAKE. She is also working on her own productions, experimenting and expanding the edges of her sonic landscape.


Filipe Galante AKA Pixel82 is the person behind the Producer/DJ. With 15 years career span, he has been all over Portugal and also travelling Europe, USA and Brasil. After spending some years working in London and considering his strong influence the city comes through on his sound. Pixel82 in recent days is exploring the more raw and punchy analog sounds, his productions spins from a rave on the M25 to a loft club of New York. Although the UK sound is present, Pixel82 also relates to the classic house and techno sounds, specially the one that came before his era, paying the respect due to the creators.


Richie Hawtin is a genuine original. His critical acclaim spans the creative realm of the fine art community to the technological vanguard. Meanwhile, as a performing artist, he is constantly pushing conceptual frontiers, moving things forward, welcoming as many as he can to ideas and experiences that would have seemed pure science fiction when he began his career. Hawtin is British-born and Canadian-raised. He is the business mind behind Plus8 andMINUS Records, nurturing a plethora of talent from SpeedyJ in the early 90s to Gaiser in the 2010s. And, of course, he is Plastikman, perhaps that most of all, electronic musician par excellence, maintaining an underground agenda of avant-garde electronic.


Roundhouse Kick is a project agent of change in the Algarve electronic dance scene. Pariahs in their commitment to freshness and the underground, the duo of producers and DJs, Adriana Lourinho (EDND) and Igor Inácio (Lost In Space) began collaborating in 2011. Their first live performance on PISTÃO night, curated by Miguel Sá and Marcio Matos, quickly grabbed the most demanding fans of electronic dance music, providing gigs that have taken them from south to north of the country, and have made them an assiduous presence in spaces such as Lux Frágil.


In addition to other landmark names that produced memorable nights, Serginho has come to stand out among them- under an assumed low profile – as an inescapable cultivator of the most spatial and stylized side of house in the North of Portugal.
Having started his career in the mid-1990s, together with the most innovative and sophisticated initiatives of the decade, such as the UrbanSound itinerant club or the extinct Voxx radio, Serginho is, perhaps, the most outstanding exponent of the most intelligent house in Porto.
For that reason, the passion for the music gave him 10 years of work in Discomundo, store where it began in ’98 and that later would be called Vinyl Market, where it remained until 2008, next to privileged musical sources.

Tiago Fragateiro

Tiago Fragateiro began his career for about 20 years as a programmer in some of the best clubs in Oporto, always looking to give space to the most interesting and innovative national and international Djs. Despite having taken the first steps as Dj around 1998, only about 15 years ago is that he definitely assumed his passion.


Inventive and genre-defying are only a few adjectives that describe producer/dj/artist Waajeed. After all, Waajeed — born Robert O’Bryant IV in Detroit in 1975 — grew up in Detroit’s Conant Gardens, the birthplace of soul driven hip-hop underground music. His earliest memories are of evenings spent in his dining room on the eastside of Detroit listening to his father’s record collection. A childhood immersed in Roy Ayers, Funkadelic, and Kraftwerk. He would eventually teach himself to program beats and play records at local house parties and school dances. But it wasn’t until he found his chosen family at the age of 14 that Waajeed finally gained local respect. His new family was—T3, Baatin, and J Dilla— to form Slum Village circa 1991.


Versatile, groundbreaking, and always a step ahead, Zé Salvador was, and remains, at the forefront of the Portuguese music scene and is closely associated with many decisive moments and movements of this collective history. In the 90s he founded, and was a resident at, the mythical Urbansound in Porto, thus putting his personal stamp in the growth of the scene in the north of the country. He also influenced the tastes of many as a selector and curator for the record store Valentim De Carvalho. In 2001, along with Tozé Diogo, Zé compiled and mixed the “Chill On Kaos Vol. 2” mix-CD for the renowned Kaos Records, which was widely considered the best Portuguese mix-CD of that year. He then opened the highly cherished micro-club in Lisbon, Brownie, and also became a central figure in the roster of one of the biggest popularity phenomenons in the Portuguese underground, the Bloop Recordings label. In the south, he was the resident and curator of Espera-m’ Entrando in Zambujeira do Mar from 2004 to 2016.

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